Looking for some fresh serving ideas? Try these!

Breakfast - Breakfast must include one glass of milk, one serving from the Vegetable and Fruit Group and one serving from the Grains and Bread Group. Here are some suggestions:

French toast, grapes, milk 
Cheerios, bananas, milk 
Whole grain muffin, grapes, milk
Scrambled eggs, toast, applesauce, milk 
Bran muffin, kiwi, milk 
Toast, orange slices, milk 
Pancakes, fruit cocktail, milk 
Bagel, pears, milk 
Whole grain waffles, strawberries, milk
Wheat Cereal, fresh melon, milk 
English muffin, apple slices, milk 
Cornbread, peaches, milk 
Raisin bread, bananas, milk 
Oatmeal, peaches, milk
Cinnamon toast, applesauce, milk          
Whole wheat toast, bananas, milk
Corn flakes, raspberries, milk
Biscuit, sliced pears, milk

Snack - AM, PM, and evening snacks must include one serving each from two of the food groups. Here are some suggestions:

Refried beans, wheat thins 
Banana bread, milk 
Whole wheat cin toast, applesauce 
English muffin w/ mozzarella 
Cheesy french fries 
Whole grain muffin, apple juice 
Graham crackers, peaches 
Apple slices w/ peanut butter 
Grapes, cheese nips 
Tuna salad on saltines 
Cheese, ritz crackers 
Zucchini bread, orange juice 
Pretzels, cheddar cubes 
Orange slices, bran muffin 
Peanut butter sandwich, milk 
Cheese-it crackers, orange juice 
Yogurt, peaches 
Cinnamon tortillas, milk 
Graham crackers, applesauce 
Fresh vegetables w/ cottage cheese 
Homemade bread, apple juice 
Wheatable crackers, grape juice 
Oatmeal, milk
Apple slices, pretzels 
Cantaloupe, cheese sticks 
Raisin bread, applesauce
Melon balls, cheese wedges
Deviled eggs, grape juice
Biscuit & jelly, milk
Tuna fish, wheat crackers
Nectarines, Graham Crackers
Graham crackers, frozen grapes      
Hashed browns, scrambled eggs
Vegetable Thins, Orange Juice
Pineapple Rounds, Cottage Cheese
Cheese It Crackers, Tomato Juice
Cinnamon Tortillas, Milk
Applesauce, Ham Cubes
Yogurt, Peaches
Rice Cakes, Apple Slices
Corn Muffin, Orange Juice
Oatmeal Cookies, Milk
English Muffin, Cheese
Grapes, Wheat Thins
Chex Cereal Mix, Orange Juice
Toasted Cheese Squares

Lunch/Dinner - Lunch and dinner must include one glass of milk, one serving each from the Meat and Meat Alternative Group and the Grains and Bread Group and two servings from the Vegetable and Fruit Group. Here are some suggestions:

Tuna salad on wheat, mangoes, banana, milk 
Waffles, eggs, blueberries, cantaloupe, milk 
Grilled cheese sandwich on rye, tomato soup, fresh pears, milk 
Corn dogs, cherries, mixed fresh veggies, milk 
Fish sticks, pretzels, carrot sticks, apple slices, milk 
Macaroni and cheese w/ extra cheddar, oranges, raisins, milk 
Multi-grain pancakes, scrambled eggs, raspberries, kiwi, milk 
Hot dogs, bun, pork-n-beans, grapes, milk 
Cheese quesadilla, black beans, plums, milk 
Fish sandwich, apricots, cucumbers, milk 
Egg in a biscuit, fruit cocktail, oranges, milk 
Make your own Omelet (egg, cheese, veggies), oranges, toast, milk
BBQ pork on a bun, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, milk
Chicken breast, black beans and rice, green salad, milk 
Soft Tacos (ground beef, flour tortilla, lettuce & tomato), oranges, milk 
Pork Chops, applesauce, dinner roll, brussel sprouts, milk 
Spaghetti with meatballs (ground beef), green salad, milk 
Potato skillet with ground pork, whole wheat toast, broccoli, milk 
Beef enchiladas(ground beef, tortillas, tomato sauce), fresh fruit plate, milk 
Soy cheese burger(cheese is credible), bun, lettuce & tomato, mangoes, milk 
Pork chow mien (pork sirloin, mixed veggies, crunchy chow mien noodles), cherry tomatoes, milk  
Chili mac (ground beef, noodles chili noodles, tomatoes), cauliflower, milk 
Nachos (ground beef, tortilla chips, cheddar, tomatoes), refried beans, milk 
Sloppy joes (ground beef, tomato sauce) over cornbread, cauliflower, milk 
Roasted chicken, rice, broccoli, green salad, milk
Spicy chili beans, brown rice, peas, strawberries, milk 
Spanish rice (ground beef, white rice, tomatoes), carrots, milk 
French dip, cucumbers, oranges, milk 
Chili over cornbread or rice, zucchini, peaches, milk 
Kielbasa, biscuit, corn, fruit cocktail, milk 
Pork pot pie w/ mixed veggies & biscuit top, green salad, milk
Marinated chicken breasts, noodles, squash, peas, milk
BBQ chicken legs, mac-n-cheese, mixed vegetables, pineapple, milk
Hamburger, whole wheat bun, lettuce/tomato, oven-baked french fries, milk
Ham & cheese on rye bread, carrot sticks, applesauce, milk
Egg salad on toast, green beans, pears, milk
Turkey & cheese on wheat bread, broccoli, carrot/raisin salad, milk
Roast beef, bun, french fries, plums, milk
Pork chops, kaiser roll, mashed potatoes, apricots, milk
Cube steak, noodles, spinach, grapes, milk
Roast beef, corn muffins, boiled potatoes, carrots, milk
Meat loaf (ground beef), mac & cheese, green beans, peaches, milk
Ham, rolls, coleslaw, sweet potato, milk
Turkey & gravy, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, milk
Turkey potpie, pie crust, peas, cucumber salad, milk

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